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Tuskegee University Math and Science Partnership (MSP): A NanoBio Science for the Alabama Black Belt Region


Through funding from a MSP-Start grant, Tuskegee University and its partners mentioned above have completed preliminary work to gain a thorough understanding of the issues that are affecting the teaching of science in the partnering schools districts. This work included (1) the forging of a partnership consisting of diverse stakeholders, (2) the necessary data analysis on student performance and teacher quantity, quality, and diversity, and (3) the conception of a project design to address needs in science education.

The NanoBio Science Partnership has been formed to address critical needs in middle grade (6th-8th) science education in the Black Belt region, an area that has long been characterized as socioeconomically and educationally disadvantaged. The proposed project will train science teachers of grades 6-8 to shift their instruction from conventional teaching strategies to the use of inquiry-centered approach in conjunction with the infusion of NanoBio science principles and 3D simulations of concepts from their science curricula.